Find a Nursing Home for Spouses with Differing Needs

find a nursing homeLearn about the many advantages of nursing homes for married couples and partners.

Though the details vary, the story is a common one. The married couple, who dreamed of growing old together, finally did. And now one of them spends all their time and energy caring for the escalating needs of the other. As a friend or family member, you want the best care for the ailing spouse, and you also want to see the one in better health enjoying life a little more. Guide to Nursing Homes is here to help you find a nursing home that will provide appropriate, skilled care to the ailing spouse and give both members of the partnership an opportunity to spend the best of their final years together. Read on to learn more about the advantages of nursing homes in situations like these.

Advantages of Nursing Homes for Couples

While many elderly nursing home residents are single due to the death of a spouse or partner, many find that they need skilled nursing help when they are still married and enjoy the companionship of their partner. It might feel like trying to find a nursing home for a couple whose needs vary greatly will be an insurmountable feat. But on the contrary, skilled nursing facilities across the nation deal with this problem and create their own solutions every day.

A Rule of Thumb: Find a Nursing Home that Caters to the Sicker Spouse

Many facilities advise potential residents to focus on the older or needier spouse's placement first. In other words, if your father suffers from congestive heart failure and is generally frail and unstable, but your mother is an avid yoga student who walks two miles a day and cooks local, organic meals, you should find a nursing home that meets your father's needs first. That facility can then recommend their provisions for sharing a room with your more active mom.

Your Best Bet: Find a Nursing Home in a CCRC

You may be surprised at how many local nursing homes offer housing for spouses so your loved ones can both enjoy the advantages of nursing homes—one with the benefits of medical care, and the other with the benefits of additional nursing home facility amenities. As you start your search, your best bet will be to look at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).

CCRCs offer varying levels of care across a large facility, with different sections, areas or wings for residents with different needs. Typically, CCRCs offer every type of retirement living, from independent living to Alzheimer's care and skilled-nursing facilities. When you find a nursing home located within a continuing care retirement community, you'll be sure to find a place with plenty of activities for your more independent loved one as well.

The Biggest Advantage of Nursing Homes for Couples

Many studies have shown that people who cohabitate with a loving spouse or partner experience greater health and happiness overall. When you find a nursing home that offers both spouses a break from the difficulty of the ailments they suffer, you'll likely find better quality of life and better overall health. Find a nursing home that provides a wealth of activities and medical care today by calling our knowledgeable staff for free, personalized nursing home referrals.

Find a Nursing Home for Your Aging Parents Today

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