Medicaid, Nursing Homes and You

medicaid nursing homeLearn how to use Medicaid for nursing home care.

If your loved one needs skilled nursing care and has a fixed or low income, you can look into approved Medicaid nursing home care for him. If he is eligible for benefits, Medicaid might pay for some or all of his medical long-term care needs. Using Medicaid for nursing home coverage can be an involved process, but is well worth it when you consider the health and lifestyle benefits your loved one can receive when he finally gets the care he needs in a Medicaid skilled nursing facility.

What is a Medicaid Nursing Home?

Medicaid is a social welfare program run jointly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and each state. It provides low-income individuals with funds for medical services. Each state creates its own eligibility standards, so your loved one's eligibility to receive benefits will vary depending on his location. Medicaid actually helps people of all ages pay for medical expenses of many kinds, but this article focuses on Medicaid for nursing home care.

If your loved one is eligible to receive Medicaid support, you will need to find an approved Medicaid nursing home. Medicaid nursing homes are subject to additional oversight by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as regular health and safety inspections.

Each Medicaid skilled nursing facility should provide you with a list of covered services upon request, and should also provide a price sheet for non-covered items. So remember, even if your loved one is covered by Medicaid, it is your responsibility to make sure you choose a Medicaid nursing home that fits his budget in the long run.

Using Medicaid for Nursing Home Coverage

The main determinate of Medicare coverage is medical necessity. Once a physician deems that long-term care is medically necessary for the health of your loved one, he will likely be able to use Medicaid for nursing home care indefinitely, whether it covers all or a portion of his costs. But check with your state's Welfare, Health or Department of Social Services to learn about specific eligibility criteria in your area.

Find a Medicaid Skilled Nursing Facility

Our elder care advisors can match you with the perfect Medicaid skilled nursing facility for your loved one. Calling the toll-free number on our site connects you to a specialist familiar with Medicaid nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in your price range. If you'll be using Medicaid for nursing home coverage, just mention it to your advisor when you talk.

If you are ready to join the nearly 60 percent of nursing home residents that receive Medicaid payments, contact your local Medicaid office and start your search for a Medicaid nursing home today!