Nursing Home Care: Help For Family

nursing home careHow to cope, communicate and pay when your loved one enters a skilled nursing facility.

When your loved one downsizes to a skilled nursing facility from an independent living, home care or assisted living situation, life changes for him, as well as for the rest of the family. In addition to the hassle of a physical move, there is a whole emotional and relational shift that occurs. Along with saying goodbye to familiar places, habits and sights, your loved one is saying goodbye to a piece of his autonomy and self-image. When your loved one starts receiving nursing home care, it’s important to be thoughtful of his feelings, patient with his process, and aware of what to expect.

We are here to bring up issues you are likely to deal with, and help you by offering time-tested methods of coping, caring and providing. This section offers articles about broaching the subject of nursing home care with your loved one. It also offers helpful advice on choosing a skilled nursing facility, as well as functional information about complicated topics such as paying for elder care. If you are wading through the process with a loved one, this section is for you.

Settling Into a Skilled Nursing Facility

skilled nursing facilityDid you sit down at your computer and search for websites about nursing homes because you think it might be time to get serious about nursing home care? Are you currently caretaking for an individual whose needs have increased beyond your capacity? Are you curious about the specific qualities to look for in a skilled nursing facility? We address all of these issues in this Nursing Home Care Family Resources section.

Here are some articles to help you proceed:

For a glossary of senior care terms, as well as helpful articles about choosing nursing home care for yourself or others, please see our Skilled Nursing Facilities Information section.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

nursing home costs One of the most difficult aspects of pursuing nursing home care comes with managing finances. Since no two skilled nursing facilities have an identical price structure, and you can’t foresee your loved one’s physical needs down the line, it can be near impossible to anticipate how much the venture will cost in the end. Balancing a limited budget with your loved one’s needs is never easy. But getting informed about Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care insurance and other senior financing options will help you take advantage of all the help available to you.

Get estimates and learn about outside funding options by visiting our Cost of Nursing Home Care article.

Find a Skilled Nursing Facility Today

If you are ready to pursue the first steps by talking with an elder care specialist, we are here to help. Our free service offers you unsurpassed personal attention throughout the whole process. Our elder care advisors will help you determine your needs and find a skilled nursing facility or other senior care option that fits your budget. Go ahead; simply call the toll-free number at the top of this page to start the journey. Thanks to you, your loved one may be closer to getting the nursing home care she needs!