Nursing Home Research Links

nursing home researchLearn more about long-term care benefits, costs and regulations at these reputable websites.

When you start your nursing home research, you may need basic information like nursing home terminology, or knowing the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. But as you progress in your journey, you may find you need meaty information straight from the renowned organizations that keep the long-term care industry going. When that happens to you, just browse over this page and you'll be sure to find statistical data, as well as information on leading elder care organizations.

Nursing Home Advocacy and Oversight

Although each state regulates nursing homes somewhat differently, some national organizations provide oversight and advocacy to nursing home residents. The world of elder care owes a debt of gratitude to these national nursing home regulation reformers. Visit the sites below to learn about resident rights, advocacy and education.

The National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource CenterInformation about what ombudsmen do for nursing home residents, as well information about a new project to increase long-term care benefits.

The Long Term Care Community Coalition – Education and advocacy for strong oversight and regulation of the long-term care industry. Website includes access to updated nursing home research and regulation changes.

Nursing Home Research: The Numbers

Some people are comforted by knowing what to expect. This type of nursing home research typically centers around end-of-life statistics and long-term care cost estimates. The links below will connect you with easy-to-read information about the nursing home population and the costs that population can expect to pay.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Older Persons' Health Statistics – Fast statistics on senior population, health, risks factors and long-term care utilization.

MetLife's Survey of Long-Term Care Costs, 2009 – Information on the statistical costs of different nursing home environments.

Government Long-Term Care Benefits

Finding the right government assistance is an integral part of paying for nursing home care. When you are ready to start the ball rolling with Medicare or Medicaid, just visit these government long-term care benefits sites. Also, see what trusted sources are saying about long-term care insurance and veterans' long-term care benefits.

U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid – Links to all CMS programs and information, including forms, updates and policies.

Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare– Helpful information about Medicare benefits, as well as the popular "Nursing Home Compare," a one-stop-shop for nursing home research ratings, quality inspections and more.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Long-Term Care Special Section – Easy-to-read explanations of LTC Insurance, and help determining whether or not it will benefit you.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care – Information on veterans' long-term care benefits.