Guide to Arkansas Nursing Homes

Learn about retiring in an Arkansas skilled nursing facility

There are over 230 licensed nursing homes in Arkansas, with an average of 105 beds per nursing home. While this may seem like a lot, these skilled nursing facilities are spread throughout Arkansas and have a variety of differences that will make choosing the right fit for your loved one an easier process than expected. To narrow down your options, you should first consider the size of nursing home that you feel would be most comfortable for your loved one. Some prefer smaller Arkansas nursing homes that have less than 20 beds per facility. This creates a more intimate atmosphere that lets patients bond with their nursing aids. Others may view a larger facility as a perk because some larger facilities have better funding and more expert staff. Regardless of your preference, choosing one or the other could narrow your list of options drastically. There are also many questions you can ask to narrow your search, which you can review in our nursing home information article.

Average Daily Costs of Arkansas Nursing Homes

While there are many factors that play into finding the right nursing home for your loved one, often we are tied down slightly to a budget. Because of this, it's important to review the average daily costs of nursing homes in Arkansas. Luckily, this average is lower than most states, with semi-private rooms costing around $128/day and private rooms costing $150/day. Of course, these prices are an average, so they are swayed slightly by costs in major cities. Little Rock, Arkansas for example, is a highly populous location in the state which means that the demand for nursing home care is larger in this area. Because of this costs are slightly different:

Little Rock, Arkansas Nursing Home Costs:

  • Semi-private Room: $125-$156/day
  • Private Room: $132-$195/day

The Rest of the State (Daily Arkansas Nursing Home Costs):

  • Semi-private Room: $66-$150/day
  • Private Room: $110-$260/day

If you are tied down to a budget, then there are a variety of Arkansas nursing homes outside of Little Rock that will meet the needs of your loved one without breaking the bank. Luckily the average occupancy rate of nursing homes in the state is only 72%, so there will definitely be availability for your loved one to find a room and take the time to make the right decision.

Finding a Nursing Home in Arkansas

If you're looking for a skilled nursing facility in Arkansas, there are two ways to start your search. To browse a list of all of the licensed nursing homes in Arkansas, simply fill out the search form at the top of this page. From there, you will be directed to our partner site, which houses a list of nursing homes, facts about each home, and everything you need to get in touch with a home directly. If you prefer to speak with someone directly, simply call the toll-free number at the top of this page to speak with one of our nursing home referral specialists who will assist you with your questions and search, free of charge.