Guide to California Nursing Homes

Learn about retiring in a California skilled nursing facility

There are over 1,200 licensed nursing homes in the state of California, with over 100,000 residents in care right now. This fact alone may make the prospect of finding a California nursing home seem daunting. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to narrow your search to find the best skilled nursing facility for your loved one. To begin, you should consider the size of the nursing home. For example, the average California nursing home has 97 beds with 84% full at all times. While this is the average, your loved one might prefer a smaller nursing home that provides a more intimate atmosphere between residents, physicians, and staff. Beyond determining the size of facility, there are many other questions you can ask to better narrow your list of California nursing homes to choose from. For a better understanding of what questions to ask and what to look for in a nursing home, see our nursing home information article.

Average Daily Costs of California Nursing Homes

California is a large state and the daily costs of nursing homes in California vary by location. On average, the cost of a semi-private room is $214/day while the price of a private room is about $286 per day. Of course, these are average prices taken from a very large pool of facilities, so it's important to narrow down costs by location:

Cost of Los Angeles Nursing Homes:

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $165-$242/day ($192/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $184-$291/day ($240/day average)

Cost of San Diego Nursing Homes:

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $157-$275/day ($200/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $200-$375/day ($264/day average)

Cost of San Francisco Nursing Homes:

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $210-$422/day ($275/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $285-$497/day ($432/day average)

The Rest of The Sate (Costs of California Nursing Homes):

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $140-$260/day ($194/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $187-$300/day ($236/day average)

Finding Nursing Homes in California

If you are looking for nursing homes in California, there are two ways to start your search. First, if you would like to browse a list of California nursing homes, simply fill out the search form at the top of this page and you will be directed to our partner site. There, you will be able to browse a list of skilled nursing facilities that are licensed by the state of California. You can browse articles about each facility and request free information from each nursing home to better narrow your search. If you would prefer to speak with someone directly, feel free to call the toll-free number at the top of this page. Our expert nursing home referral representative will be waiting on the other line to assist you in your search and answer your questions free of charge.