Guide to Connecticut Nursing Homes

Learn about retiring in a Connecticut skilled nursing facility

With over 240 nursing homes in Connecticut to choose from, finding the right skilled nursing care for your loved one may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are many great questions you can ask to narrow down your search, which you can review by reading our nursing home information article. Beyond asking the right questions to narrow your search, you should also consider some basic aspects of each nursing home including size and cost. For example, on average, Connecticut nursing homes have 123 beds with over 90% occupied at all times. This means that many nursing homes in Connecticut have over 100 residents. Your loved one may prefer a smaller skilled nursing facility that has an easier to manage number of residents and a patient to staff ratio that lets residents get to know their care providers better. Or, on the other hand, your loved one might prefer a large facility that is well funded with many other residents to get to know and enjoy spending time with. These are important needs to consider when researching nursing homes in the state, which should help make the process of finding the right home, far easier.

Average Daily Costs of Connecticut Nursing Homes

While choosing location and facility size is important, you should also consider the average daily costs of Connecticut nursing homes when trying to find the right fit for your loved one. On average, Connecticut is one of the more expensive locations for nursing home care in the state, with semi-private rooms costing $340/day and private rooms averaging $372/day. Of course, more populous cities like Hartford and the Stamford Area tend to set the bar for these prices, while less populated parts of Connecticut are more affordable. Here is a simple cost breakdown:

Cost of Hartford Nursing Homes:

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $295-$381/day ($340/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $303-$406/day ($354/day average)

Cost of Stamford Area Springs Nursing Homes:

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $300-$438/day ($376/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $345-$466/day ($411/day average)

The Rest of The Sate (Costs of Connecticut Nursing Homes):

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $210-$394/day ($326/day average)
  • Private Rooms: $306-$429/day ($360/day average)

Finding Nursing Homes in Connecticut

If you are looking for Connecticut nursing homes, there are two simple ways to start your search. To begin, you can fill out the search form at the top of this page, which will help you find nursing homes by zip code. When you hit the "search" button, you will be directed to our partner site, which houses a list of state licensed nursing homes in Connecticut. There, you can read about each nursing home in more depth as well as request free information from the facilities that interest you most. If you would prefer to speak with someone directly instead, simply call the toll-free number at the top of this page. Our expert nursing home referral representative will be waiting on the other line to assist you in your search and answer your questions free of charge.