Guide to Florida Nursing Homes

florida nursing homesLearn why thousands of seniors are retiring to nursing homes in Florida each year.

If you’re looking for nursing homes in Florida, chances are you’re drawn by the warm weather, the over 1,200 miles of shoreline or the 1,480 golf courses the state boasts! What you may not be aware of is the fact that Florida nursing homes also draw residents because of favorable tax laws for senior citizens and a thriving long-term care community. Keep reading to learn about the perks of retiring in Florida and to get tips for making the most of your experience.

Florida Nursing Home Perks

Whether you’re planning your own retirement or researching skilled nursing facilities for a loved one in a crisis situation, now is the time to consider the financial and personal benefits of senior living in Florida.

Florida Nursing Home Regulations and Training

With over 400 regular volunteers, the Florida long-term care ombudsman’s office keeps a firm watch on Florida nursing homes, conducting nearly 4,000 inspections, providing complaint resolution and offering nearly 4,000 additional hours of free training at senior living facilities each year.* This support helps ensure a comfortable Florida nursing home experience for residents.

Nursing Homes in Florida Rank Top

Nursing homes in Florida rank high for a number of reasons. In 2006, Money Magazine rated Florida a top place to retire. With a senior population larger than any other state in the nation, no income tax, low sales tax, helpful tax exemptions for residents, and a thriving retirement community, you can’t find a more senior-friendly place to retire.

Orlando Nursing Homes: Fun for the Whole Family

Destination retirement brings families together. With Disney World and other theme park destinations nearby, Orlando and surrounding areas experience the benefits of a thriving tourist industry as well as ideal weather for arthritic limbs. For more information, see our Orlando nursing homes article.

Find Nursing Homes in Florida

If these facts make you want to find Florida nursing homes for yourself or a loved one, your next step is to speak with one of our Florida elder care experts, free of charge. Instead of sifting through long lists of skilled nursing facilities, simply call the number at the top of this page and an advisor will talk with you to learn more about your needs and match you with potential fits right away. We’re here to help you throughout the entire placement process, so don’t delay. Speak with a specialist and start your Florida nursing home adventure today.

*Source: Florida’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program 2008-2009 Annual Report.