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Though it is one of the smaller states in the nation, the Midwestern state of Ohio is the seventh most populated state, housing well over 11 million residents. It also boasts the nation’s seventh largest economy.* Known as the Buckeye state, Ohio boasts a generally low cost of living index throughout its major cities of Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, as well as the majority of its suburbs. Residents of Ohio nursing homes enjoy the benefits of retiring in a state with a healthy economy that still offers a reasonable cost of living for those with limited incomes.

Why Choose Nursing Homes in Ohio?

  • Healthcare in Ohio is rated among the top states in the nation. From prevalence of care to rates of insured residents, Ohioans generally enjoy good access to quality healthcare. Seniors who live in nursing homes in Ohio experience the benefits of this healthcare every day.
  • People aged 55 and up make up 22 percent of Ohio’s population. States, like Ohio, with large senior populations often offer perks to seniors such as price discounts and public transportation assistance.
  • For sports fans, Ohio offers MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS (Major League Soccer) teams throughout the state. These teams entertain fans and bolster the economy in surrounding areas.

How Are Ohio Nursing Homes Regulated?

In 2009, Forbes Magazine rated Ohio eighth in the nation for regulatory environment. Nowhere is this fact more noticeable than in its senior care sector. The Ohio Department of Health inspects Ohio nursing homes and assisted living facilities. And the Department on Aging provides leadership and outreach for the over 2 million senior citizens residing in the state. Ohio nursing home residents also have access to the Ohio long-term care ombudsman program that educates residents and the public about resident rights, and helps resolve problems and complaints. For help, find your local Ohio long-term care ombudsman.

Do You Have a List of Ohio Nursing Homes?

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* Source: Ohio Department of Development, 2009.