Washington State’s I-1163: Stricter Standards for Senior Care

As November 8 elections approach, Washington State voters are facing an important question. “In the midst of a state and federal budget crisis, can we afford more rigorous qualifications and testing for our caregivers?” The initiative, I-1163, proposes to spend extra millions to ensure that seniors and others in need of long-term care are receiving […]

Daughter of Dementia Patient Sues Nursing Home Over Abuse

Haverford, Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle Continuing Care Retirement Community is facing a lawsuit over the negligent and abusive care of a dementia patient. The woman complained of mistreatment, but nursing home officials played off the claims as part of her dementia. The woman’s daughter, Mary French, installed a secret video camera in a clock radio in Mary’s […]

Half of Inspected UK Hospitals Malnourish Elderly Patients

The results of a Care Quality Commission inspection in the United Kingdom will be published officially next week, but initial findings are already alarming. Out of 100 hospitals, 49 neglected to meet nutritional standards, and 17 raised serious concerns about the care of their senior patients. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals, for one, had a ward in […]

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Modifications Necessary for Seniors to Stay In “Peter Pan” Homes

Many seniors would greatly prefer to stay in the homes they’ve made their own over the years, rather than relocate to a nursing home. But most of our own homes just aren’t built for senior living. Whether they have poor lighting, steep stairs, cramped bathrooms with no room for assistance modifications, or all of these […]

Twenty Percent of Patients with Advanced Dementia Face Unnecessary Hospitalization

Researchers at Harvard University and Dartmouth Medical School have found that almost 20% of nursing home residents with advanced dementia, like Alzheimer’s, were transferred to other care facilities or hospitals in the months before they died. The treatment resulting from these transfers often included harsh measures that may have extended their suffering. While adequate care […]

Obama’s Spending Cuts and What They Mean to Nursing Homes

President Obama’s plan to reduce spending resulted in a proposal last week of a $320 billion cut to Medicare and Medicaid over about a decade. The cuts affect many areas of senior care, such as nursing homes, pharmaceutical providers, and in-home care. But one specific niche of spending cuts is aimed at nursing homes with […]

Senior Citizens Likely to Work Post-Retirement

Americans are working into their senior years more than ever in the 21st century. About half of workers plan to keep at least a part-time job after they retire, and nearly a third say they will be retiring after the age of 70 or will never retire. “I don’t know how many people, unless they […]

Iconic Dogs in the Media Infographic

We posted this infographic to another site of ours, but since different readers frequent this blog as well, we thought it would be great to add this infographic here too.  This is a super fun read for anyone getting a bit nostalgic.  It’s all about famous dogs and starts off with Rin Tin Tin.  What […]

Study Links Fiber Rich Diet With Lower Risk of Death

Researchers recently spent time reviewing the data from the National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study, and concluded that people who eat whole grains and have a diet rich in fiber, have a reduced risk of dying at an early age. Fiber has been associated with good heart health for some time, and the […]

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