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New Intelligent Bed System Helps Prevent Bed Sores

bed to prevent bed soresEuropean based company Compliant Concept is headed by CEO Michael Sauter, and is a spin off of Empa and the ETH Zurich. Their first product is an innovative therapy bed system which is engineered in a manner that allows it to prevent long-term bedridden patients from developing bed sores. This can sometimes occur in nursing homes, but can be avoided by regularly shifting the patent’s position on the bed, however this additional work load can sometimes be too much to health care personnel. While there are other advanced bed systems for nursing home patients on the market, they do not truly prevent bed sores from occurring. The new nursing bed concept from Compliant Concept has a unique slatted frame made of “intelligent” materials, and a new style mattress, which ensure that the patient does not stay still too long. This new style nursing bed is constructed in such a way that it mimics the way a mobile person would shift positions in bed, by slowly but firmly moving the patient.

Nursing bed systems like Compliant Concept could be a major help to the industry, as the health care personnel will have more time to attend to other important tasks. The company has already performed testing in the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil, and plans to have a second test there at the end of the month to compile more data. If things go well with patients and health care personnel, then this might be something that we start to see in nursing homes across the United States in the coming years.

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