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AARP Senior Race Car Driver Dreams of Daytona 500

daytona 500It might be a surprise to many seniors that the AARP sponsors Benny Chastain, who is a senior race car driver that has a big dream of racing in the 2011 Daytona 500. Chastain is an AARP member, and part of the AARP ARCA team, where he drives the No. 75 AARP car. One of his next races will be at the Rockingham Speedway on October 9, where he is looking to make some progress on his 2011 Daytona 500 dream. While Chastain had always enjoyed speed, he never wanted to be a race car driver growing up, but as he grew older he started racing as a hobby and it slowly turned into a profession. At the age of 68, Chastain would be one of the oldest drivers to ever step up into the Daytona, but the path to get their will not be easy. However Chastain knows this and thinks it would be a major accomplished that he compared to Rocky.

Chastain is looking to be a role model to other seniors, by showing them that age is just a number, and that they can continue to pursue things which they are passionate about later on in life. Many people are following the progress of Chastain on the AARP Twitter or Facebook pages, as he is an inspiration to other seniors who continue to be active and adventurous. Hopefully he can do well at the upcoming race, as he needs to place well if he wants any chance at making the Daytona 500. While driving race cars might not be a dream for many seniors, Chastain and his dream should serve as a reminder that age should not stop you from living life to the fullest.

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  1. Benny Chastain says:

    Thanks for the article. If anyone would like to learn more about my story, please visit There’s a great video about my dream of getting into the Daytona 500. Thanks again for your interest and support.

    • John Healey says:

      Benny, my wife showed me the article in the AARP magazine about you. I’ve driven the Richard Petty Experience two times this year at Loudon ,NH and I absolutely love it. I told my wife that I think I missed my calling. And I told her that were I 40 years younger I’d try and race . The article about you has really made me think about that….I turned 61 three days ago. Maybe its not too late.

      I hope you make it to Daytona.


  2. tom blank says:

    benny, as a former trans-am driver, stock car driver and still holding a vintage competition license @71 years of age i would like to sign on to the team in any capacity thanks tom

    • tom blank says:

      benny, as a former trans-am driver , scca, stock car driver and holder of a vintage competition license @71 i would like to sign on the team in any capacity. thanks tom blank

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