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AARP Not Popular Among Social Media Channels

AARP iPhone AppThe AARP refers to their magazine as the “the world’s largest-circulation magazine” with a circulation of over 24 million, and the AARP brand is constantly trying to bring attention to their non-profit group for Americans over age 50. They sponsor senior race car driver Benny Chastain who is striving for a spot in the Daytona 500, and recently released apps for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Despite all of the efforts to keep their brand current and cutting edge, users of social media networks do not seem to care much about the AARP. A recent post from Dylan Stableford on, looked at the top 25 U.S. magazines ranked by Twitter followers and the AARP Magazine is nowhere on that list, despite having massive circulation numbers. When looking into AARP further, you find that their overall social media presence is not something that their members seem to care much about.

The Twitter account for the AARP Magazine currently has 374 followers, which is far from the 2.2+ million followers for People Magazine, which allowed them to rank one on TheWrap list of the top 25 U.S. magazines ranked by Twitter followers. Even if you look at the standard AARP Twitter account, you will find that they only have 2,925 followers. Jumping over to Facebook you will find that AARP is doing a bit better, with just over 18,400 people who have liked their brand. However this number is not that impressive, as there are hundreds businesses that have 1,000,000+ people who like their brand, and even more who have over 100,000 people liking their brand. The YouTube channel for AARP is also doing a poor job of drawing in their massive member base, as they only have 75 people who subscribe to their official channel. As more seniors flock to social media channels, it is vital for the AARP to build a better relationship with them, so that they can further the work that the non-profit is doing on behalf of seniors.

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