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Connecticut Receives $2 Million Via Affordable Care Act

background checksToday Governor M. Jodi Rell announced that Connecticut is set to receive a $2 million federal health care grant, which is intended to allow the state to design a comprehensive background check program for all employees of nursing homes. Additionally these background check programs would apply to long-term care agencies, so that the state can provide improved protections for their elderly and disabled residents. It is reported that Connecticut is one of six states receiving the grant via the federal Affordable Care Act. Protecting the elderly and disabled is a very important issues that is becoming a hot topic among politicians, and the new background check program in Connecticut will help the state identify if job seekers have any criminal history, or other disqualifying information in their background which would not make them a suitable candidate.

When all is complete, Connecticut will have one of the most detailed background checks in the country, and it could be a model which other states use to protect their elderly and disabled residents. Some of the things that the national background checks for prospective direct patient care employee will include a history of federal and state criminal records, neglect and abuse registries, and databases like the Nurse Aide Registry. Overall providing a very comprehensive background check, that should improve the care for residents at places like nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice providers, and long-term care hospitals. There is still a lot of money in the Affordable Care Act program, as the government set aside a total of $160 million, for the program which is set to run until September 2012.

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