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Insight Into Characteristics Shared Among Centenarians

centenariansThe New England Centenarian Study is one of the most comprehensive research efforts involving the characteristics that are common among centenarians. The study began in 1995 and has over 2,000 people currently participating. This study also has one of the largest samples of super-centenarians (Age 110+), with over 100 of these individuals that are part of the research. Many people have argued over what allows certain people to live past 100 years of age, as some think it is genetic, and others feel that it is environmental. In looking at this study, as well as others in the niche, it can be concluded that the best guess about centenarians is that they live long lives because of both, with about 70-80% due to environment and 30-20% due to genetics. However there are a number of characteristics that these centenarians have in common, and some of them can be controlled by individuals if they desire.

One of the most common things among centenarians is that it was rare for them to have a substantial smoking history, and very few centenarians are obese. In particular, men who are centenarians are almost always lean individuals. Another interesting finding in the study suggests that centenarians are able to handle stress better, as many people feel that stress can have a variety of negative impacts on a person. When it comes to extreme longevity, it was found that genetic variation plays a very strong role. It was also found that some families exhibit incredible clustering for exceptional longevity, which cannot be attributed to chance and therefore must be a result of genetic factors that members of these families have in common. Anyone wishing to learn more about the study can head over to the Boston University School of Medicine website.

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