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Vermont Seniors Are Key in Governors Race

Vermont is not a big state, but it does have a big population of seniors, as the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2009 data shows the state with 14.9% of the population over the age of 65. The national average per the U.S. Census data was 12.9% for the 65-plus demographic. On top of that, Vermont has about 135,000 AARP members which are aged 50 and up. This higher than normal concentration of seniors is expected to have a major impact on the upcoming election for governor of the state. Vermont AARP State Director Greg Marchildon has even been quoted as saying that seniors will be the deciding factor in this race for governor. The two candidates currently battling it out in a very close race are Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie and Democrat Peter Shumlin, the Senate president pro tem. Both campaigns are targeting the senior vote, but this demographic has some serious questions and concerns that will factor into their final decision.

There are a few big things this year that seniors will take into consideration before they vote, and the most pressing concern is how the candidates plan to reduce the budget gap. However seniors still want social services to be maintained, so many are looking for the candidate who has the best solution to this dilemma. Political analysts do not see seniors leaning towards one candidate over the other, and rather predict that seniors will back both candidates. This is because the senior demographic in Vermont has a very diverse background, so accordingly their voting behavior is varied based on a number of factors. Shumlin and Dubie both have positive feedback from seniors, but soon we will find out the candidate that voters in the state prefer.

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