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New California Law Regulates Nursing Home Staff Ratio

Last week California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new health budget trailer bill, which included the reauthorization of AB 1629, that speaks to nursing homes meeting the staffing standards for the state. California currently has a nursing home staffing mandate that requires 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day, and if the nursing homes are not meeting these standards, then they face penalties. These changes to California law will help to reinforce the Long Term Care Reimbursement Act of 2004, so that the state can ensure that the residents in these nursing homes are well taken care of by the staff. Many nursing homes in California have been in compliance with the requirement of 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day, and the new law will allow the state to better address those nursing homes who are not following the staffing rules.

As more and more seniors get to the age where they need to utilize nursing homes, these types of regulations are key, as seniors want to get the help they need and then go back home if possible. California has a large population, which includes millions of seniors, and taking the necessary steps now, will provide for a big pay off down the line. Initially California wants to focus on making sure that the 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day rule is being enforced properly, but there are rumors that the hours could increase in the future. However it is just a rumor, and it is likely that the hour requirement will stay the same for a bit, as long as the nursing home patients continue receiving the quality care they deserve.

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  1. Deb Calvert says:

    This is wonderful, I applaud the Governor for taking these steps.

    But why didn’t the Dept of Justice prosecute Sun Healthcare in 2003 for violating it’s state injunction by harming 5 patients in a Sunbridge Newport Beach, Calif nursing home when we compained to them in writting, fax, telephone conference call with Claude Vanderwold? They knew Sun was using a broken and condemned HVAC to patient rooms let allowed it to continue and harm patients after they contracted MRSA from Sun. Sun was never prosecuted and avoided damages in my mother’s wrongful death case by cheating me through a corrupt attorney in mediation with threats I wasn’t getting the CEO’s Bentley and would be harmed by them if I pursued my case to a jury trial. They used my brother, a 2 x convicted felon against me, I sued that corrupt attorney and he died 2 weeks later, I won the case against his estate in 2008.

    Corruption in government? Corruption in public corporations?

    I’m writting a book that will be out soon.

    Deb Calvert, Newport Beach, California

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