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Nursing Home Staff Help Residents to Vote

more seniors votingA recent article in the Pocono Record highlighted a good deed that takes place at nursing homes around the United States come voting season, which is the staff helping residents to vote. This does not mean that they vote for them, but that the staff goes out of their way to see which residents want to vote, and obtains absentee ballots for them. The reason that nursing home staff need to take this step, is because the seniors are unable to make it to a polling place on their own, so absentee ballots are their only option. Many seniors living in nursing homes right now, grew up in a time that made citizens want to vote to ensure that their voice was heard. Seniors are also affected by some of the propositions up for vote, and the decisions made by the politicians that we elect. Therefore it is very important that they have a chance to get their vote counted in the upcoming election.

Seniors over 75 are often one of the least likely groups to vote, so nursing home residents being able to have a chance to vote is a big help for this often neglected demographic. Seniors in general, however, are a key demographic in the upcoming mid-term elections, as they are usually more likely to come out to vote. Recently seniors found out that there would not be a change in COLA, therefore they will have less money in their pockets to pay for all of their expenses. So the politicians who will be voted on during these mid-term elections are critical to seniors, as they want to make sure that those people they vote for continue to fight for them.

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