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Detroit Area Could Experience a Shortage of Nursing Homes

Recently the Detroit Area Agency on Aging released a report indicating that nursing homes in Southeast Michigan are up against a funding crisis, which could result in a shortage of skilled nursing homes. This study stretched over an 18-month period, where the Long Term Care System Change Task Force concluded that roughly one Detroit nursing home is closing each year. Not only are nursing homes steadily closing, but many of the nursing homes in the area have a heavy reliance on Medicaid funding, which can make it hard for the facilities to stay profitable. One of the other issues found via the study was that many perceive that there could be quality problems, which can hurt the nursing home’s ability to keep enough residents in a facility. Quality long-term care is key in the country, as more seniors will require help over the coming years, and states need to have an infrastructure in place that takes care of them.

The Detroit area has been hit hard economically, and this has resulted in the state having to care for some of the poorest individuals in the region. Therefore Medicaid is essential for these seniors, who need the money to pay for the care which they so desperately need. Soon the Detroit Area Agency on Aging will release the full details of the study on their website at While the Detroit area may be feeling the economic hit harder than most regions of the country, it does not mean that this nursing home scenario is not going on in other states. Therefore states need to figure out ways to address the situation now, before things get out of hand, and there are too many seniors who are not getting the care they need.

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