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Cats Help Improve Daily Life for Seniors

cat therapy for seniorsThere have been a number of articles and studies on the benefits of seniorsĀ  interacting with dogs, and having them as pets, but there is not as much discussion about how cats can provide the same help. USA Today recently published an article that discusses why cats are more popular than dogs as pets, and how beneficial they can be to seniors. Many seniors in retirement communities are able to own cats, and they enjoy the companionship that they provide, as the cats are a constant source of love and affection. There are also a number of seniors that do not get to see their family that often, so having a cat companion is a great way to keep a senior engaged and active throughout the year. Additionally there has been research that indicates that the seniors who take care of pets can have improved morale, and become encouraged to take better care of themselves. Seniors have a lot of daily activities they need to accomplish in order to continue to stay fit and healthy, and having a cat by their side is a great motivational tool to keep them on a schedule.

Many people online have found the recent article on USA Today quite funny, as they feel that the benefits of cats can easily be understood by looking at their popularity in the United States. Cats are more popular than dogs as pets, and it is very common for cat owners to own more than one. Another way to judge how great cats make people feel is the popularity of the humorous website LOLcats, from the Cheezburger Network, which receives millions of visitors each month wanting to laugh at hilarious cat photos. As more seniors retire, it would not be surprising to see more of them bring cats into their lives.

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