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XBOX Kinect May Become a Favorite Among Seniors

The Nintendo Wii has been a favorite gaming system of seniors for the last few years, as they have used the device to stay fit and exercise, without having to go outside. One of the more popular games which seniors enjoy is bowling on Wii Sports, as they have even created leagues around this game, with reports of many different seniors bowling a perfect 300 game. Now as the holiday season approaches, the Nintendo Wii has stiffer competition from the PlayStation Move and the XBOX Kinect. In fact, the Kinect looks to be the motion gaming system that could lure seniors away from the Nintendo Wii. The PlayStation Move is very similar to the Wii, in that they both require a controller for the motion gaming, as such, it’s not getting as much love from consumers. When it comes to the XBOX Kinect, controllers are not needed, as the motion gaming system is able to sense the movements of a player.

The lack of a controller with the XBOX Kinect is a big plus for seniors, who do not have to worry about loosing control of their Wiimote when playing the motion gaming system. It also appears that the Kinect marketing strategy is even geared toward an older demographic, and many of the games are designed to promote physical fitness. This has caught the attention of many seniors, and those in the senior industry who are looking for a new way to get in some exercise. The Kinect is already reporting some impressive sales numbers, and after the holidays it is likely that we will start to hear more about seniors using the motion gaming system. Right now the Nintendo Wii is still dominating the motion gaming scene, but things could change in 2011 now that the competition is heating up.

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  2. Christopher Pilloton says:

    The Kinect sensor technology opens a whole new world of opportunity for assistance to seniors besides just providing entertainment on the XBox. It’s advanced sensor technologies and microphone which incorporates speech recognition offers the opportunity for seniors and people with disabilities to control their environment, communications and interactions without having to learn the intricacies of a computer interface (such as Windows or Mac). Kinect can identify the identity of a person, track their movements and control any processes or devices through movement or speech. Think of the possibilities! Many people are working independently on programming connections between Kinect and various assistive devices already.

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