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University of Kansas to Monitor Athlete Attendance Using Senior Citizens

Most people in the United States who keep up with college sports are familiar with the University of Kansas basketball team, which is thought to be one of the most successful and prestigious programs in the history of college basketball, as illustrated by their 3 NCAA Tournament champions. The Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team have also won various conference championships and appeared in the NCAA Tournament dozens of time. Their program started in 1898 after Dr. James Naismith arrived, who is the man credited with inventing the sport of basketball in 1891. In an effort to keep up with a long history of excellence in men’s basketball, the university decided to implement some changes to ensure that the athletes on the team did a better job attending their classes. This is because professors do not typically take attendance, and the university wants to ensure that these students go to class and get a solid education while playing basketball for the school, since many are there as part of a scholarship.

Historically the university has hired other students to help them monitor student athletes, however this plan did not work well, as it was easy for the basketball players to still cheat and not attend class. This is where senior citizens come into the picture, who were hired by the university to keep better tabs on the athletes, and so far it looks to be paying off. It is much tougher to talk your way out of attending class to a senior citizen or trying to bribe them with tickets, which makes the players feel more accountable and therefore they do a better job attending class. This is one of the first times that a university has tried such a technique, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.

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