Washington State’s I-1163: Stricter Standards for Senior Care

As November 8 elections approach, Washington State voters are facing an important question. “In the midst of a state and federal budget crisis, can we afford more rigorous qualifications and testing for our caregivers?” The initiative, I-1163, proposes to spend extra millions to ensure that seniors and others in need of long-term care are receiving […]

Daughter of Dementia Patient Sues Nursing Home Over Abuse

Haverford, Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle Continuing Care Retirement Community is facing a lawsuit over the negligent and abusive care of a dementia patient. The woman complained of mistreatment, but nursing home officials played off the claims as part of her dementia. The woman’s daughter, Mary French, installed a secret video camera in a clock radio in Mary’s […]

Half of Inspected UK Hospitals Malnourish Elderly Patients

The results of a Care Quality Commission inspection in the United Kingdom will be published officially next week, but initial findings are already alarming. Out of 100 hospitals, 49 neglected to meet nutritional standards, and 17 raised serious concerns about the care of their senior patients. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals, for one, had a ward in […]

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California Nursing Homes Get Public Ratings in 2011

Nursing homes in California will soon become a bit more transparent, as the state will become the first in the U.S. that will mandate that their ratings become available to the public. Many people in California are aware of restaurants being graded and having to post them in their window, but now nursing homes will […]

Will Senior Citizen Safety Zones Gain Popularity?

In Massachusetts there has been an effort underway which would help make areas of the state safer for seniors, but first the legislation needs to be passed to establish Senior Citizen Safety Zones. This may sound a bit confusing at first, but think of Senior Citizen Safety Zones like school zones, where drivers need to […]

Good Samaritans Foil Robbery and Save Elderly Couple’s Money

Yesterday KPHO.com in Phoenix reported about an incident where an elderly couple was leaving a Chase Bank in the morning and two muggers attempted to rob them. The elderly couple was carrying $20,000 which they planned to used for an annual holiday donation, and then two men attacked the man, and took off with their […]

Canadian Authorities on Hunt for Alleged Conman Targeted Seniors

Yesterday it was reported that Canadian authorities are back on the hunt for an alleged conman who has focused in his efforts on seniors across the country. The message when out to the citizens of Canada that help was needed to find Richard Earl Rupert, 54, who is a “person of interest” for a variety […]

Seniors Will Not Receive Extra $250 From Government

It’s no secret that many seniors have been feeling the economic pinch over the last couple years, but now they must deal with a second consecutive year without a cost-of-living adjustment  (COLA) to their social security checks. While 2009 did see seniors receive a decent increase (about 6%), economic conditions in 2010 (and now 2011) […]

XBOX Kinect May Become a Favorite Among Seniors

The Nintendo Wii has been a favorite gaming system of seniors for the last few years, as they have used the device to stay fit and exercise, without having to go outside. One of the more popular games which seniors enjoy is bowling on Wii Sports, as they have even created leagues around this game, […]

Jane Fonda Debuts Workout DVD’s Targeted at Seniors

Back in September the news about Jane Fonda coming out with new workout DVD’s broke, and since then seniors have been waiting for the holiday release of Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout and Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong. Throughout the 1980’s Fonda was known for her workout videos, and she inspired many people […]

Black Friday Deals for Seniors Available on Amazon

In response to a down economy, Amazon.com and other major online retailers made some big changes last year, with regards to online holiday shopping.  One of the biggest changes occurred directly before Thanksgiving, when Amazon launched a full week of Black Friday deals, rather than saving up the deals for the day after Thanksgiving as […]

Nursing Home Closing in Kentucky, Seniors to be Relocated

Rough economic conditions over the past few years have forced many nursing homes to close, and now another nursing home in Kentucky has decided to close and file for bankruptcy. The James S. Taylor Memorial Home in Louisville, Kentucky, has been around since 1981 serving the elderly residents in the region, but financial issues are […]

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