Washington State’s I-1163: Stricter Standards for Senior Care

As November 8 elections approach, Washington State voters are facing an important question. “In the midst of a state and federal budget crisis, can we afford more rigorous qualifications and testing for our caregivers?” The initiative, I-1163, proposes to spend extra millions to ensure that seniors and others in need of long-term care are receiving […]

Daughter of Dementia Patient Sues Nursing Home Over Abuse

Haverford, Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle Continuing Care Retirement Community is facing a lawsuit over the negligent and abusive care of a dementia patient. The woman complained of mistreatment, but nursing home officials played off the claims as part of her dementia. The woman’s daughter, Mary French, installed a secret video camera in a clock radio in Mary’s […]

Half of Inspected UK Hospitals Malnourish Elderly Patients

The results of a Care Quality Commission inspection in the United Kingdom will be published officially next week, but initial findings are already alarming. Out of 100 hospitals, 49 neglected to meet nutritional standards, and 17 raised serious concerns about the care of their senior patients. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals, for one, had a ward in […]

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Detroit Area Could Experience a Shortage of Nursing Homes

Recently the Detroit Area Agency on Aging released a report indicating that nursing homes in Southeast Michigan are up against a funding crisis, which could result in a shortage of skilled nursing homes. This study stretched over an 18-month period, where the Long Term Care System Change Task Force concluded that roughly one Detroit nursing […]

Nursing Home Staff Help Residents to Vote

A recent article in the Pocono Record highlighted a good deed that takes place at nursing homes around the United States come voting season, which is the staff helping residents to vote. This does not mean that they vote for them, but that the staff goes out of their way to see which residents want […]

New California Law Regulates Nursing Home Staff Ratio

Last week California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new health budget trailer bill, which included the reauthorization of AB 1629, that speaks to nursing homes meeting the staffing standards for the state. California currently has a nursing home staffing mandate that requires 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day, and if the nursing homes are […]

Are Medical Marijuana and Nursing Homes a Good Mix?

Over the past two decades, 14 states and the District of Columbia have voted to allow their physicians to be able to recommend medical marijuana if they believe it will be helpful for a patient. Additionally, there are eight more states which are considering the legalization of medical marijuana, as reported by a recent New […]

Vermont Seniors Are Key in Governors Race

Vermont is not a big state, but it does have a big population of seniors, as the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2009 data shows the state with 14.9% of the population over the age of 65. The national average per the U.S. Census data was 12.9% for the 65-plus demographic. On top of that, Vermont has […]

Insight Into Characteristics Shared Among Centenarians

The New England Centenarian Study is one of the most comprehensive research efforts involving the characteristics that are common among centenarians. The study began in 1995 and has over 2,000 people currently participating. This study also has one of the largest samples of super-centenarians (Age 110+), with over 100 of these individuals that are part […]

Connecticut Receives $2 Million Via Affordable Care Act

Today Governor M. Jodi Rell announced that Connecticut is set to receive a $2 million federal health care grant, which is intended to allow the state to design a comprehensive background check program for all employees of nursing homes. Additionally these background check programs would apply to long-term care agencies, so that the state can […]

AARP Not Popular Among Social Media Channels

The AARP refers to their magazine as the “the world’s largest-circulation magazine” with a circulation of over 24 million, and the AARP brand is constantly trying to bring attention to their non-profit group for Americans over age 50. They sponsor senior race car driver Benny Chastain who is striving for a spot in the Daytona […]

Top Investment Scams Seniors Should Know About

It is unfortunate that seniors are constant targets for shady individuals who are looking to scam people out of their money, and often it can be difficult for seniors to differentiate between a good investment and a possible scam. In order to help seniors be aware of the top investments scams going on this year, […]

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