Washington State’s I-1163: Stricter Standards for Senior Care

As November 8 elections approach, Washington State voters are facing an important question. “In the midst of a state and federal budget crisis, can we afford more rigorous qualifications and testing for our caregivers?” The initiative, I-1163, proposes to spend extra millions to ensure that seniors and others in need of long-term care are receiving […]

Daughter of Dementia Patient Sues Nursing Home Over Abuse

Haverford, Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle Continuing Care Retirement Community is facing a lawsuit over the negligent and abusive care of a dementia patient. The woman complained of mistreatment, but nursing home officials played off the claims as part of her dementia. The woman’s daughter, Mary French, installed a secret video camera in a clock radio in Mary’s […]

Half of Inspected UK Hospitals Malnourish Elderly Patients

The results of a Care Quality Commission inspection in the United Kingdom will be published officially next week, but initial findings are already alarming. Out of 100 hospitals, 49 neglected to meet nutritional standards, and 17 raised serious concerns about the care of their senior patients. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals, for one, had a ward in […]

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High Senior Turnout Expected For Mid-Term Elections

Recent polls and studies indicate that seniors are set to have a very high turnout for the upcoming mid-term elections, and the general consensus is that this could be bad news for Democrats. This is because the senior demographic supports the Republican party more than any other age group. High senior turnout does not mean […]

Watchdog Groups Benefiting Nursing Homes

Throughout the nation, more and more nursing homes are facing stricter regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents. Federal rulings are regulating nursing home staff, new DEA guidelines are helping residents get their needed medication easier, and now state-wide watchdog groups are springing up to keep tabs on the state board that […]

Nursing Homes Benefiting From RFID Technology

It is not clear how many nursing homes in the United States are utilizing RFID technology to track their laundry items, but it is becoming a popular trend at nursing homes in Italy and France. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification, and it involves readers and tags. The RFID tags go into the employee work wear […]

Elderly Consumer Index Proposed for Social Security COLA

Many seniors are upset about the news that the Social Security COLA is not expected in 2011, and this is because of how the Social Security Administration calculates the COLA. The current index used to calculate COLA is the Consumer Price Index for Urban Workers (CPI-W), in which they use data from the prior year. […]

NADONA Executive Director Leaves For New Job

Things have been in flux at the National Association Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care (NADONA) since 2006, when executive director Joan Warden-Saunders was removed from her post. Since then there have been a number of people who have stepped in to try and take on the role of executive director, but for […]

New Nursing Home Report Sheds Light on the Industry

ResearchAndMarkets.com is known for their annual reports that focus on the profitability and size of various industries, and recently they added a Nursing Homes and Assisted Living report.  The 10 page report helps to shed light on the growing nursing home and assisted living industry, which includes 75,000 establishments nationwide and a combined annual revenue […]

Great Food is Very Important to Nursing Homes Residents

Almost all nursing home facilities have an organization that residents can work with to get their voices heard. Some have a resident council, which consists of a group of residents that meet and discuss issues. Other nursing homes have a local ombudsmen that works with state regulators to ensure that the home is operating properly […]

New DEA Guideline Helps Nursing Home Nurses

Earlier this week the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a new guideline regarding nursing homes nurses, which will give them more authority to get their residents the prescriptions they need. Historically, the way it has worked is that pharmacists who dispensed the prescription for patients needed to have direct oral or written communication from a doctor. […]

New Book on Nursing Care Debuting Next Month

Authors Diana Kerr and Heather Wilkinson have both published their own books on dementia in the past, but next month a new book will come out that they created together. The new book is entitled, “Providing Good Care at Night for Older People: Practical Approaches for Use in Nursing and Care Homes.” While many people […]

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