Catholic and Christian Nursing Homes

christian nursing homesShare your golden years with likeminded seniors at Christian and Catholic nursing homes.

Unfortunately, as our loved ones age, they lose some of the once-meaningful aspects of their lives due to friends' deaths, personal illness or loss of ability to travel. One foundational aspect that can fade away later in life is the deep connection many seniors feel toward a once vibrant spiritual life, and the social interaction it provided. Thankfully, many seniors today are able to find renewed faith and strength in faith-based Christian nursing homes.

When the time comes for your loved one to move into a nursing home, you may feel overwhelmed with decisions. It can be tough to determine which skilled nursing facilities offer the best atmosphere and amenities for her. Balancing budgetary, medical and lifestyle needs can be a tricky feat in itself, but when it comes to your mother, sister, aunt or grandma, you know that offering a place of spiritual and personal respite might benefit her whole self more than the best medical care alone ever could. For this reason, delving into the world of religious (Christian or Catholic) nursing homes could prove to be one of the best investments you can make in her final years.

What are Christian Nursing Homes All About?

In addition to medical and custodial care, residents of good Christian nursing homes benefit from deepened relationships with staff and fellow residents who share the same beliefs and values. Administrators at Christian and Catholic nursing homes are all too aware that many of their residents' spiritual needs have gone unmet for some time due to the difficulties inherent with aging, and they understand the benefits of sharing life with others of the same faith, at any age.

Christian nursing homes seek to create an atmosphere that feels like "home" with things like religious artwork and before-meal prayers. In addition, amenities such as on-site church services, Bible studies, prayer meetings and discussion groups are often offered. And for those who are too ill or mentally incapacitated to participate, some homes provide simple scripture readings as a supplement to daily routines.

The Benefits of Catholic Nursing Homes

If your loved one shares in the rich heritage of the Catholic church, finding a Catholic nursing home can offer her access to Mass, confession and prayer times that she would otherwise miss out on. The opportunity to hear sermons, participate in liturgy and sing hymns can bring a sense of peace and regularity during a time of transition, as well as fan the flames of faith that provide a mainstay of support regardless of her life stage.

Catholic nursing homes are often found in association with local parishes, however many are part of larger non-profit groups or hospitals that offer decades of experience with medical care as well as specialties like Alzheimer's care. Just call the number at the top of this page to speak with our knowledgeable advisors about Catholic or Christian nursing homes that best fit your loved one's needs.

Starting Your Search for Christian Nursing Homes

Whether protestant or Catholic, nursing homes with stated religious affiliations must operate under the same nursing home regulations that other facilities operate under. So you can be sure that the licensed faith-based homes you visit adhere to the same strict state guidelines that other licensed homes do. (See our guide to choosing a nursing home for ideas on other things to look for in a nursing home.)

Your search for Christian nursing homes will involve the same process you would go through to find any nursing home. Calling the number at the top of the page will connect you with an elder care specialist who can narrow down your search to a few local Christian nursing homes that meet your budget and your loved one's needs, free of charge.