A Glimpse Inside Nursing Homes

nursing homesA detailed look into life on the inside of nursing homes.

Have you ever wondered just what life is really like inside the walls of your local nursing home? Beyond décor, licensing information and marketing brochures, there seems to be another world—the day-in, day-out world of nursing homes experienced by residents and somehow foreign to visitors. When looking for nursing homes for your loved one, you need to feel like you have the inside information you need to make a confident decision about his future. So we put together this collection of informative articles and interviews to help you get behind the mystique and enter into the true world of nursing homes.

Daily Life at Skilled Nursing Facilities

When you start visiting potential nursing homes, it helps to know what to look for. Get an idea of daily life inside nursing homes by familiarizing yourself with our Nursing Home Layout Guide and our Sample Daily Nursing Home Schedule.

The Ins and Outs of Nursing Home Care Plans

Nursing homes create individualized care plans for each nursing home resident to help them provide the best care possible. Get the inside scoop on care plans directly from nursing home care coordinator, Teresa Johnson, and learn how to encourage dynamite care for your loved one by participating in his care planning.

Regular Appointments in Nursing Homes

In addition to traditional nurses and CNAs, other medical specialists are staples at nursing homes across the country. Learn what occupational therapists (OTs) do, Find out what happens in a typical OT session, and get the inside story on OT inside skilled nursing facilities from veteran OT, Irene Tipton.