The Layout at Typical Nursing Homes

nursing homesKnow what to expect from your nursing home's layout so you can make an informed decision.

When you choose a nursing home for a loved one it helps to have a good understanding of what to look for in regards to layout and design. You'll probably visit a number of skilled nursing facilities during your search, so we thought we'd give you a leg up. This article should familiarize you with typical layouts at nursing homes so you can be confident when it's your turn to make the big decision.

The Ins and Outs of Nursing Homes

We grabbed information from various nursing homes across the country and built this graphical representation (infographic) of what you can expect to find inside most typical nursing homes. Just click on the image below to view the larger version.

A Typical Nursing Home Layout

You'll notice that the diagram above refers to assisted living homes as opposed to nursing homes. Thankfully, the layouts of the two types of elder care facilities are often very similar, with nursing homes offering a few more options due to the medical needs of residents. Look for the same positive qualities in nursing homes as you would for assisted living homes while keeping in mind your loved one's medical needs, and you'll be set. The following are a few important aspects to look for in potential skilled nursing facilities:

  • A designated dining area for meals and snacks
  • Access to outdoor activities with sitting areas
  • Conveniently located staff areas
  • Dedicated rooms for physical and occupational therapy
  • Easy access to bathrooms from all main areas
  • Multiple common areas or shared-living environments
  • Nurse's booths located near all resident rooms
  • Private living quarters and bathrooms

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Variations Between Nursing Homes

Thankfully, much has happened to revitalize the layout and feel of nursing homes since the days of whitewashed walls and hospital-like d├ęcor. Gone are the days when identical, institutionalized nursing homes dotted the landscape from Seattle to Orlando. While state and federal nursing home regulations do require adherence to particular health and safety codes, nursing homes across the country are free to implement them in creative ways.

From environmentally-friendly "green" nursing homes to smaller adult family homes and expansive multi-level care facilities, you can find many variations between skilled nursing facilities. The important things to keep in mind are your loved one's preferences and those important ease-of-living aspects listed above.

Visiting Skilled Nursing Facilities

Keep these things in mind when you visit potential nursing homes and you'll be better prepared to make an informed and confident decision. To find nursing homes near you and schedule tours, simply search through nearby skilled nursing facilities by using the Elder Care Search box above, or by calling the toll-free number to speak to an elder care representative. Both options are completely free, and will provide you with details that will help you find that perfect nursing home for your loved one.