All About Veteran’s Nursing Homes

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The service that vets provide for us is immeasurable. In gratitude to their personal dedication and sacrifice, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs offers nursing home care for veterans who meet certain criteria. They do this by contracting with private nursing homes, sponsoring VA (Veterans Affairs) community living centers, and even running special state veteran’s nursing homes. Read on to see if one of these options might be available to you or your loved one.

Finding Nursing Home Care for Veterans

All of the normal long-term care selection and nursing home payment options are available to veterans, including Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care insurance. But unlike typical senior citizens, elderly veterans have access to additional long-term care options through their local VA office.

As with many VA services, you may have to go through a detailed eligibility process or join a waiting list to gain access, so if you choose to pursue one of the following veteran nursing home options, plan to apply as early as possible.

VA Community Living Centers

Community living centers are VA-run facilities that provide rehabilitative and nursing home care for veterans. They are usually located in or near VA hospitals or medical centers, and function as long-term care units with additional services such as short-term care, memory care, rehabilitation and hospice care. Admission criteria includes current enrollment in VA health care, but rules are loose and vary from center to center.

State Veteran’s Nursing Homes

Each state has at least one state veteran’s nursing home that is run and operated by the state. These nursing homes for veterans serve mostly low-income vets. Different states follow different rules about payment for services, but residents or family members often pay part of the cost themselves. Waiting lists can get long, especially for memory care units, but the environment is truly ideal for veterans who want to spend their days and share memories with fellow comrades. Sometimes, up to 25 percent of beds in state veteran’s nursing homes are available to family members of vets.

Contract Nursing Homes for Veterans

The VA contracts with approximately 2,500 nursing facilities in the U.S.* These facilities supply a large percentage of the nursing home care for veterans that is provided or subsidized by the government. Criteria for qualifying for government-paid nursing care are steep. They include a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent, as well as income and asset limits. However, veterans that don’t meet these criteria are admitted on a space-available basis. For more information, visit the VA Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care website.

Locate VA-Contracted Nursing Homes Near You

Nursing homes for veterans provide a service to men and women who gave of themselves for our nation’s safety. If your loved one is a veteran, you’ll do well to look into veteran’s nursing home options for help subsidizing or even funding your loved one’s long term care. If you’re looking for privately-owned nursing homes that contract with the VA, just ask one of our expert elder care advisors for a complimentary, personalized list of affiliated facilities near you. To start, fill out the search form at the top of this page to browse hundreds of veterans nursing homes in your area.

* Source: National Care Planning Council